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Wall calendars

Our wall calendars come in a variety of sizes and formats, and show off a range of stunning landscapes, delicious recipes, humorous cartoons and inspirational quotes. We also have calendars to suit animal lovers, art afficionados and petrolheads!

Booklet Calendars

Booklet calendars come in your choice of stitched or spiral-bound formats. With topics ranging from art and cuddly animals to fishing and fast cars there's something in this range for all tastes.

Desk calendars

Our super-popular desk calendars are incredibly handy for the workplace. Featuring date pads front and back, there's a range of themes, styles and sizes available. Pick your favourite or get a selection!


Need something specialised? Take a look at our jumbo-sized calendars, shipping calendars and other unique options here.

Single Image Calendars

One of our most popular options, and also very budget-friendly! With over 100 images to choose from and a date pad full of interesting trivia and special dates, these calendars will be a hit with your clients.


Big or small, round or house-shaped, with or without a calendar included - so many choices in our magnet range and all of them put your brand right where it will be seen multiple times every day.

Different calendar types and designs to choose from

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